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28/12/2017 · Today I’m bringing you my D3-FNC or Defense build for group PvP. With the rework it has received in patch 1.8 I believe it to be one of the strongest sets around adding incredible amount of

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18/3/2018 · Classified D3-FNC – UPDATED PVP Build – The Division ThreeFiveSe7en Loading Unsubscribe from ThreeFiveSe7en? Cancel Unsubscribe Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 11K Loading

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Today I’m bringing you my D3-FNC or Defense build for group PvP. With the rework it has received in patch 1.8 I believe it to be one of the strongest sets around adding incredible amount of survivability and control over fights to the whole squad through group wide buffs and crowd control.

D3-FNC Solo Build PvE by ron1901 last updated Mar 9, 2018 Patch v1.8 Votes: +2 Primary DPS 348,573 Firearms 4157 Toughness 608,018 Stamina 9027 Skill Power 122,178 Electronics 2961 Gear D3-FNC Chest Enemy Armor Damage (6%) 1401 D3-FNC

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4/6/2018 · How to build D3-FNC Classified for 1.8.3 PVP – Duration: 19:41. CLINTFLAIRWOOO 5,650 views 19:41 THE DIVISION – 5 EASIEST WAYS TO GET THE HOUSE | HOW TO GET THE HOUSE (NEW SMG) FAST –

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About Division-Builds.com Division-Buids is an unofficial fanmade website for the community of the game Tom Clancy’s The Division to use for creating, sharing, and discussing builds. Easily create, share, and theorycraft any build for The Division with ease.

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31/8/2018 · How to build D3-FNC Classified for 1.8.3 PVP – Duration: 19:41. CLINTFLAIRWOOO 5,761 views 19:41 Automation Empire Gameplay Ep 1 – BETTER THAN FACTORIO and SATISFACTORY? – Duration: 28:59.

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A PvP Build for The Division written by ApacheChief Description: This D3-FNC build works well for group play as a tank build that buffs allies when the shield takes damage.It is best with 9k stamina for maximum shield HP and can be used with either ballistic shield

A PvP Build for The Division written by H1d4n666 Use combat medic and Support Station master mod Discharge to heal the shield if its needed. Use a low GS FW x-45 to recharge quickly your signature skill in between engagements.

Most seem to build this set with an emphasis on toughness and skill power but I wanted to recommend something different. Something that I find much more rewarding and it’s quite possible you will as well. It’s a DPS oriented D3-FNC Build with zero

A PvP Build for The Division written by Harii Very high CHC build to get those yellow numbers going, ~45%. You will melt everything that dares challenging you. 25% Skill Haste to get that Overdose and Shield back faster.

29/12/2017 · Hey Man, thanks for sharing your D3 build! D3 has been my coveted build of 1.6 and 1.7. The PVP nerf is waaayyyy overboard. With 1.8 changes it’s still my go to for hard solo content. Even legendary missions with a weaker group. I like mine to sit around 6000

Today I’ll be showcasing my D3-FNC Build. I figured with everyone talking about Predator and Nomad, D3-FNC could use a little attention. But before I give you a breakdown of the build let me get this out the way now, D3-FNC is NOT for PvP in its current state!

The D3-FNC build is a very powerful build for PVE but can also be used in PVP for the buffs that it gives your team. I highly recommend that every agent has a D3-FNC build set up and ready to go. My build in the video is 6-piece classified but has not been fully.

To piggyback off this, I tend to agree that in PvP, a good D3FNC build is viable, to the extent there’s a team that knows how to benefit from a D3 ally. Basically, you want your teammates to be cognizant of when youre acting as the bullet sponge and also of your

For legendary missions I run my same high firearms dnfc build. I run booster shot or defib depending on group. The difference between dps build for pve and pvp is in pve I do not run the assault shield. Will post a build screen shot later. Also it might be worth keeping

So trying to put together a SMG focused D3-FNC build. I know I have to have the shield, probably with assault mod since it boosts damage and

11/12/2016 · Basically, I’ve made a build for D3-FNC which allows me to output an insane amount of damage while being able to maintain my resources with no problem. All it takes is competence! 😀 (* Note: * This will be changed with suggestions and feedback! Also, Please

The Division 1.8 Classified D3-FNC Build The Division 1.8 Classified D3-FNC Build is a Tank and a half. Built correctly, you will never lose a 1v1 battle ever again! It may not seem like a big deal to win all of your 1v1 in this game but, having the confidence to win all of


18/3/2018 · [BOTW] D3-fnc (dps build) Hey all, First off i don’t have a Striker set nor do i have a Nomad set so can’t compare, but if they are better than this setup they must be godly

21/12/2016 · Bei The Division stellen wir einen PvE-Build rund um das Gear-Set „D3-FNC“ vor. Dieses ist mehr als nur ein Tank-Set! Das Update 1.5 führte ein neues Ausstattungsset ein, das „D3-FNC


The Division 1.6 D3 FNC Build. You Will Be Feared Here is The Division 1.6 D3 FNC Build that we’ve been working on. If you take a look at the video you will see that the pieces of gear that the R.N.G. Gods gave us were not completely min/maxed but that really just

10/1/2018 · In The Division 1.8 gibt es neue Möglichkeiten, sich einen starken Tank-Build zu erstellen. Hier findet Ihr einen Build, mit dem Ihr Euch und Euer Team im PvP auf den Beinen haltet. Ein Tank hat


Builds for the game Tom Clancy’s The Division This project is currently unmaintained. Thanks for all the support, agents! For newer builds you can take a look at division-builds.com.

d3-fnc was good for solo pve as it was both a tank and Dps build, as the smg was nice with the assault shield, and the shield damage mitigation was nice, you could take challenging missions solo, or atleast most of them, thats not possible now, or atleast not with

[1.5][D3-FNC] Build Tank Bouclier Bonjour à tous, Je partage ici mon build Tank/DPS Bouclier pour optimisation Avec ce build on se positionne comme tank et on peut même faire de gros dégats en

D3-FNC Classified Set: Defensive Build & How To For Beginner By xX_Tankguy_Xx (This guide contain curse, joke and bad english. If you are serious about building character or easy to be triggered this might not be the one you’re looking for.

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This build tries to go in a different direction with a shield build. Instead of going for survivability or utility it has high Firearms and tries to output high damage while having survivability through the shield. Keep in mind that this is more of a niche build though.

17/3/2017 · As a PvE player, Last Stand has made me really experiment with my builds for PVP and I have stumbled across a pretty good build that can both handle Hard/Challenging missions in PVE while still being able to get kills or disrupt players in Last Stand. Picture of

1/11/2017 · Tom Clancy’s The Division – DZ PvP Rogue Fight – Striker vs D3-FNC Hatter Top 10:24 The Division 2 – THE ULTIMATE PVE/PVP RIFLE BUILD INSANE DAMAGE !! Visit Siena 5:09 Public Enemies Tommy Gun : BFX : Build Bettyann Pederson 35:09 Fnatic vs

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10/4/2019 · MY BEST TOMMY GUN D3-FNC PVP/PVE BUILD | The Division 1.5 Bernardsimons10 10:20 The Division 2 – BEST RAID DPS BUILD INSANE DAMAGE !! Visit Siena 10:08 The Division 2 – INSANE 320% HEADSHOT DAMAGE BUILD !!! Hypafix 4:31 15:44

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5/3/2017 · So, since the 1.5 is up I’m trying to make as best as possible D3-FNC(3) build. Do you guys have any ideas that would help me? Here is my build with current stats

10/4/2019 · MY BEST TOMMY GUN D3-FNC PVP/PVE BUILD | The Division 1.5 Bernardsimons10 10:20 The Division 2 – BEST RAID DPS BUILD INSANE DAMAGE !! Play Game TV 10:08 The Division 2 – INSANE 320% HEADSHOT DAMAGE BUILD !!! Hypafix 4:31

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Tom Clancy’s The Division- The D3-FNC gear set was the only gear set added in Patch 1.5, but to be honest it’s probably the most important PVE gear set since Sentry’s Call. In this video, I am going to give you a COMPLETE build guide that covers everything you

“Reputo il D3 uno dei migliori set per il PvP in gruppo, in combo con un ultimo rimedio healer è micidiale per il double buff che può dare a tutta la squadra; in un combattimento il D3 non deve solo cercare di ricevere più danni possibili per attivare il buff e dare al

Build építés Első lépésként el kell döntened, hogy PVE vagy PVP buildet, illetve hogy támogató (support/healer) vagy támadó (DPS) karaktert szeretnél építeni. Alapvetően a karaktered Build-je az alábbi képen látható módon néz ki. Itt több hasznos információ is

2/3/2017 · Bei The Division 1.6 stellen wir einen Build vor, der im PvP (Dark Zone, Letztes Gefecht) wahnsinnig stark ist. So baut Ihr ihn nach. Das Update 1.6 brachte einige Anpassungen an den Waffen-


I recommend this build to any player who plans on doing the normal AR/SMG split in PvP. This build isn’t useful in Last Stand considering the four-piece doesn’t work there, three-piece is fine

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20/2/2018 · Disappointment appeared almost immediately. 🙁 Nuances and problems with using of a D3-FNC Set: 1) when the Shield is active, it is not possible to change the weapons to a sidearm or primary/secondary SMG; 2) but when SMG runs out of ammo, it is

I’ve got a couple of hours in the game, spend most of my time solo in the DZ, have all the pvp commendations, have thuroughly enjoyed the journey, but 1.8.3, not so much. Not sure what they were thinking. No the DZ servers on the west coast are absolutely dead and if you do run into someone it’s nothing but D3 and Nomad: Can’t die and won’t die. Prior to the Striker nerf the servers were

The Division D3-FNC Classified Gear Set Build PTS 1.8! Ballistic Shield made from “Vibranium”, like in Marvel’s Captain America Film Series!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPIZU5AEoOI 原标题:Classified D3-FNC God PVE Build – 1 MILLION toughness!! – The Division 1.8 Jesimein主页:https://www

I think saying that this video is late is a bit of an understatement, but nevertheless, here is the Final Measure Healer for PvP that I promised you guys a long time ago. When a grenade is defused the player and all group members within 30 metres gain a buff based

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18/1/2018 · So erstellt Ihr Euch einen Heiler-Build in 1.8 Dieser Healer-Build hat den Zweck, dass Ihr im PvE und vor allem im PvP Euren Einsatztrupp am Leben haltet. Er ist also vor allem für das Spiel in


Salut a tous,J’ai fraîchement complété mon set D3-FNC, je voudrais savoir quelles armes utiliser avec maintenant ?J’ai vu beaucoup de monde parler de l’ensemble Eir et Hildr mais