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Recruitment of Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs) for Primary Schools The Education Bureau cordially invites you to apply for the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) positions. ROLE NETs are required to teach English as a second language to

Index page of NET Section’s websites To enhance the teaching of English Language and increase exposure of students to English, a Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme has been implemented in public-sector secondary and primary schools since the

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A ppointment and Re-appointment P l ease refer to EDB Circular Memorandum Nos. 44/2019 (NET Scheme in Primary Schools) and 45/2019 (Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools) on “Appointment and Re-appointment of Native-speaking English Teachers in

Please refer to EDB Circular Nos. 4/2012 (NET Scheme in Primary Schools) and 5/2012 (Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools) on “Payment of Contract Gratuity and Payment of Tax before Leaving Hong Kong” for details. Application form for the [] []

Since 2004, the NET Section has been offering primary schools comprehensive Primary Literacy Programmes in Reading [PLP-R (KS1)], and subsequently in Reading and Writing [PLP-R/W (KS1)]. These literacy programmes adopt a holistic approach to language learning, incorporating the four skills, with an emphasis on reading and writing.

NET Deployment Guidelines Living and Working in Hong Kong Evaluation of the Primary NET Scheme The Primary NET Scheme 15th Anniversary Conference (2017) The Primary NET Scheme 10th Anniversary Conference (2012)

The Primary NET Scheme 10th Anniversary Conference (2012) Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools Objectives Roles and Responsibilities of School Stakeholders Regional NET Coordinating Team NET Deployment Guidelines Living and Working in

Please click the link to the video below to see how some NETs have adapted to living in Hong Kong. The video also highlights how the NETs and their local partners collaborate to implement the NET Scheme objectives while working in the local school system.

In 2003, a year after the NET Scheme started in primary schools, the EDB asked LegCo to approve a new SA Adjustment Mechanism. LegCo Education Panel members encouraged the EDB to consult with NETs with the help of the HKPTU. The EDB said it would

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Primary NET Scheme, the NET Section held a conference on 18 March 2017 at CCC Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan). The conference was attended by over 300 participants, including primary school principals, local English teachers, NETs, EDB officers, honoured guests and presenters.

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speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme in Primary Schools II.5.2.a Guidelines on the Duties of Teachers Appointed under the Enhanced Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme in Secondary Schools II.5.2.b Guidelines on the Duties of Teachers

NET Scheme – Information for PNETs about the NET scheme, the PNET contract, EDB forms and useful documents HKPNET Resources – www.hkpnets.org The HKPNETs Forum – www.hkpnetsforum.com With 400+ PNET members it’s the place to be!!

The Primary NET Scheme 10th Anniversary Conference (2012) Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools Objectives Roles and Responsibilities of School Stakeholders Regional NET Coordinating Team NET Deployment Guidelines Living and Working in

With the support of SCOLAR and the funding from the Language Fund, the Education Bureau launched the Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools in the 2017/18 school year. The time-limited Grant is to help schools

The Education Bureau launched the English Enhancement Grant Scheme for Primary Schools in 2009 to provide a time-limited grant to primary schools for adopting school-based English enhancement measures. Schools were encouraged to use the additional resources to build up their capacity for raising students’ English proficiency and to achieve sustainable effects after the completion of the scheme

11/5/2018 · Hi all, Im a primary school teacher on the NET scheme, and Ive just taken up my first ever post for this coming year, which Im delighted about. Hi,I may have to move to Hong Kong in the near future. I’m from the UK and have a bachelors degree. Would I possibly be

Schemes opening for application include (i) Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools; (ii) Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Skip to main content Menu Standing Committee on Language Education

What is the NET Scheme? When looking at teaching in Hong Kong, it is most likely that you will have come across the NET Scheme, but what exactly is it? The NET Scheme is the brainchild of the EDB (The Education Bureau) whose vision is to provide quality education for all Hong Kong students.

Latest Issue Date Course ID No. of Events Course/Activity Title Participant Group Closing Date of Application (First Event / Last Event) 2020/02/23 SE0020200066 Apply Online 1 Two-Day Seminar on “Communication Assessment and Intervention for School-aged

10/7/2019 · I’ve taught both (secondary non-EDB NET and currently working as a PNET) and primary is so much easier (shorter classes, shorter days, a more defined role) with a slight difference in pay, so many people go for the PNET scheme meaning there are more

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3 Regular Monitoring of Implementation and Commissioned Evaluation of the NET Scheme Regular Monitoring by the EDB 8. The NET Scheme is monitored by the EDB on a regular basis through the following means: 8.1 at the primary level – monitoring

5/5/2019 · What about if you get a job outside of the EDB NET scheme, what are the requirements then? Pretty much whatever the school concerned will accept. For a DSS or privately run local primary school, you would still need BEd/ BA+PGDE with additional TEFL qualifications a plus.

The “Scheme to Support Schools in using Putonghua to teach the Chinese Language Subject” was launched in the 2008/09 school year to provide support to the primary and secondary schools which intended to try out teaching the Chinese Language Subject in

In the 2013/14 school year the EDB conducted a territory-wide survey to learn about the views of public sector primary schools on the PNET Scheme. The findings indicated that about 90% of the schools considered that English lessons co-taught by the NET and

*** The EDB NET Admin Team has confirmed that the following documents are “applicable to 2019/20 school year” i.e. 2019-21 contracts. 1. EDB Circular “NET Scheme in Primary Schools Letter of Appointment” – Current Version: EDB Circular Nos. 7/2013, 29

SCOLAR launched the Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers in April 2004 to encourage serving Chinese Language and English Language teachers who joined the teaching profession before the 2004/05 school year to enhance

The monthly salary range of a primary school EDB NET (PNET) is from HK$28,725 to HK$58,345 (approx. US$3,867 to US$7,480) per month, and the monthly salary range of a secondary school EDB NET (SNET) is from HK$30,165 to HK$70,090 (approx. US$

The EDB is carefully considering the findings of the case study in connection with those of the second large-scale evaluation of the NET Scheme in Primary Schools (Primary NET Scheme), which has been completed. As planned, the reports on both studies will

3/5/2016 · Hello everyone! I have received an interview offer from the EDB regarding the EDB NET Scheme (Primary and Secondary). The interview is next week and I am not prepared! The email mentioned that there would be a written test followed by the interview. I’d

10 Years of Primary NET Scheme in Hong Kong e-learning in English Learning and Teaching Understanding Short Stories 《英該點講》電視特輯 Enhancing Students’ Language Skills with Multi-modal Texts (English subtitles available) English Language Learning

Teach English in Hong Kong with the government approved NET scheme. Come and experience one of Asia’s most dynamic and exciting cities. You will be rewarded with a stable public school job, a fantastic salary and lots of excellent benefits including flights

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Full Name Post Title Office Tel Email Mr. YEUNG Yun Hung, Kevin, JP Secretary for Education 2810 2657 Dr. CHOI Yuk Lin, JP Under Secretary for Education 2810 3802 Mrs. YEUNG HO Poi Yan, Ingrid, JP Permanent Secretary for Education 3509 8518

22/2/2017 · Assuming you are accepted in the EdB NET scheme – specially the secondary one – the issue to watch for will not be the district, but the band of the school. Band 1 having generally the most academically able students, with Band 3 at the bottom.

NET Series 中華里系列 中國古典名著系列 現代經典作家系列 收費組合 教城閱讀組合 19/20 聯合閱讀組合 19/20 用戶手冊 學校分享 小學 中學 常見問題 獎勵計劃 計劃詳情 獎項 得獎名單

2/11/2017 · lugubregondola wrote: The absolute most you can earn on the net scheme is 107k usd says. The average is going to be half that so point 29 which is 51k usd. What is tax on that? 10% would leave about 45k usd. I’m guessing there’s other deductions like health

Course ID SA0020200022 Course Title Seminar on Cyber Security and Cyberbullying Prevention cum Prize-giving Ceremony on Wise NET School Recognition Scheme 2019 Organising Division School Administration Division First Issue Date and Time 2019/09/30 09


Note: The SECG supersedes the Basic Education Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 3) and the Senior Secondary Curriculum Guide (Secondary 4 – 6) issued by the Curriculum Development Council in 2002 and 2009 respectively.

Success Stories of the Enhanced (NET) Scheme in Secondary Schools Good Practices in English Language Teaching Success Stories of Native-speaking Teacher (NET) Scheme in Primary Schools # New Programmes * Re-make Programmes S Programmes

Basic Education Curriculum Guide – To Sustain, Deepen and Focus on Learning to Learn (Primary 1-6)- Chapter11 Participating in the territory-wide activities arranged for primary students under the EDB’s Business-School Partnership Programme ”

Curriculum Highlights 1. PLPR-W Program: In September 2013, the school joined the PLPR-W program provided by EDB.Since then, there are four lessons from Primary 1 to Primary 3 every week co-taught by the native English teacher, the local English

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NET Section, EDB School Name:Tai Po Methodist School P. 2 (B) SWOT Analysis related to the learning and teaching of English Measure(s) taken through the grant under the English Enhancement Grant Scheme (EEGS) for Primary Schools, if any: Level

Primary and secondary schools are invited to participate in the Fair to showcase students’ learning achievements in STEM education in the form of booth exhibition. A selection panel comprising members of the Curriculum Development Council Committees of STEM-related Key Learning Areas, EDB officers, etc. will be set up to select schools to join the exhibition.

Letter of Appointment – Teacher under the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme in Primary Schools II.5.4.c Letter of Acceptance – Teacher under the Enhanced Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme in Secondary Schools / NET Scheme in

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