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Next Draw Number 20/008 CNY Chinese New Year Snowball Draw Date 01/02/2020 (Saturday) Stop Selling Time 9:15 PM Turnover $149,877,805 Jackpot / Snowball $38,000,000 Estimated 1st Division Prize Fund $50,000,000

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Check Your Hong Kong Mark Six Results See if you’re a Mark Six jackpot winner by comparing your chosen 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 49 to the six winning numbers drawn.If they all match up, you’ve won! In addition to checking the top prize, be sure

致力提供世界最高水平的賽馬、體育及博彩娛樂,同時維持全港最大慈善公益資助機構的地位。 博彩要有節制 未滿十八歲人士不得投注或進入可投注的地方。 向非法或海外莊家下注,最高可被判監禁九個月及罰

Mark Six Lotto 6 Lotto 7 Mini Loto Magnum Life Power ToTo Star ToTo Supreme ToTo Ultra Lotto 6/58 ToTo 6/45 Lotto Daily Cash 539 Lotto 649 Super Lotto 638 Mega 645 Power 6/55

Hongkong Mark Six Results History (draw no / draw date / numbers). Hongkong Lottery. Results Mark Six 2020-02-01 Saturday 3 5 30 31 43 48 Extra: 13 Mark Six Results

To be a world leader in the provision of horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment, and Hong Kong’s premier charity and community benefactor. Play Responsibly No person under 18 is allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted. The maximum

Latest Hong Kong Jockey Club HKJC Mark Six Result 2020-02-01 (20/008). The result is 3-5-30-31-43-48 (13) (13). Use Other Free Analysis Tools To Help You Win.

Check out Hong Kong – Mark Six results 2019. Find out the winning Hong Kong – Mark Six numbers 2019 as well as archive of other winning numbers. The jackpot keeps rolling over now over

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List Of Past Hong Kong Jockey Club HKJC Mark Six Results 2020-02-01 to 2019-11-07 And Other Analysis Tools (Free) Hong Kong Mark Six Mark Six Draw Results Mark Six Results List Mark Six Analyze by Freq Mark Six Freq Detail Mark Six Power Analysis

Latest Hong Kong Mark Six results and recent Mark Six winning numbers. Mark Six Software with Historical Results See the historical Mark Six results in magayo Lotto software and play intelligently! Lottery Jackpot Winner

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Mark Six is a popular 6/49 lottery from Hong Kong that is played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Find out more about how Mark Six works. Of all the ticket money received, 54 percent goes to the prize fund, 25 percent to Lottery Duty, 15 percent to the

Mark Six drawings have been televised on either of Hong Kong’s terrestrial television networks throughout its history. Save for a period between 1997 and 2001, Asia Television was the sole terrestrial broadcaster of Mark Six lottery drawings until July 2015.

Highest jackpot: HK$ 90,951,590

抽選後すぐにロトナンバーが更新されるtheLotterで、クリックして香港のマーク 6のロト結果を確認することが先決です。 ロトは、1975年に始まり、香港のジョッキークラブによって運営されています。クラブは、1884年に設立され、1971年にアマチュアからプロの組織に変わりました。

Check the Hong Kong Lotto Mark VI results here every Tues, Thurs and Sunday. Do you have the winning numbers? This website is operated by Lottoland. Lottoland passes on Customer’s Bets to EU Lotto Ltd, which acts as a bookmaker. EU Lotto Ltd (company


Play Responsibly No person under 18 is allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted. The maximum penalty for betting with illegal or overseas bookmakers is 9 months’ imprisonment and a HK$30,000 fine. Don’t gamble your life away. Call Ping Wo

Hong Kong International Sale No person under 18 is allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted. The maximum penalty for betting with illegal or overseas bookmakers is 9 months’ imprisonment and a HK$30,000 fine.

This year’s Mark Six New Year Snowball draw* will be held on 3 January, Thursday. The draw will carry a snowball of $60 million, and it is estimated that the First Division Prize Fund could reach $80 million. The draw will be held at 9:30 pm tomorrow and will

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Hong Kong Mark Six Results Polish Lotto Results Hong Kong Mark Six Results Mark Six Results Tuesday 2020-01-21 Bonus Ball: Match 6 £0.00 Match 5 £61,497.36 Match 5 £8,409.03 Match 4+1 £946.05 Match 4

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Turnout: 71.23%

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Lottery fever gripped Hong Kong as people formed long queues outside Jockey Club betting centres, hoping to win more than HK$100 million in Tuesday’s Mark Six draw. “I’m coming here with my

The Hong Kong Jockey Club No person under 18 is allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted. The maximum penalty for betting with illegal or overseas bookmakers is 9 months’ imprisonment and a HK$30,000 fine.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club No person under 18 is allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted. The maximum penalty for betting with illegal or overseas bookmakers is 9 months’ imprisonment and a HK$30,000 fine.

31/10/2019 · Examinations will be conducted in English. ABRSM Interpreter Service in Hong Kong provides for full spoken English/Cantonese translation throughout the examinations. Interpreters communicate with Examiners fully in English and with candidates fully in

According to the IB’s statistics released on Friday evening, the average grade in Hong Kong was 35.99 points. This is similar to last year’s, and is six points higher than the global average. The IB 2019 results are in! We spoke to some of Hong Kong’s top

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Hong Kong Mark Six Result Live – Top 10 Best-selling 1st Prize Mark 6 tickets’ OCB Branches 一個為香港人而設的應用程式,提供即時六合彩攪珠結果,可以即時知道結果,與電視同步。攪珠結果即時更新,詳列上期攪珠結果及下期攪珠預告,一覽無遺。


The weather at Aberdeen Reservoir was hot and humid but 125 runners turned out for the first of the four races in the AVOHK 2019/20 Reservoir Series. Sam Fletcher flew round the nearly 13km course and one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful trails in a very quick

Hong Kong Mark Six lottery latest results Hong Kong Mark Six lottery latest results

Mark Six Random Generation Demonstration 1. Select “Next Draw” or “Next Snowball Draw” then tap on “>” to continue 2. Tap “Cancel” 3. Tap “Quick Pick” 4. Choose for the combination then tap “Done” 5. Base on the chosen combination, a quick pick is 6. 7.

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