The Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) was established in 1967 by the Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM). It is a forum to discuss, coordinate, and collaborate on library information resources and services among the libraries of the eight

What is a JULAC Library Card? JULAC Library Cards allow cardholders to have access to other UGC-funded libraries. There are two kinds of cards that provide borrowing or reading privileges as follows. Two Categories of JULAC Library Cards? 1. JULAC Borrower

JULAC Reader’s Card for Undergraduate Degree Students All UGC-funded full-time / part-time undergraduate degree students are eligible for a JULAC Reader’s Card which will be valid for one academic year from 1st August to 31st July of the next year.

JULAC Card What is a JULAC Card? JULAC stands for Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee. JULAC Card holders can: Borrow books from other UGC-funded libraries on registration at the visited libraries. Return items to the lending UGC-funded libraries

Access to Other UGC Libraries – JULAC Library Cards Re-registration of JULAC Cards at UGC Libraries With the launch of a new shared integrated library system among the eight UGC-fund university libraries, CityU users holding a valid JULAC Card need to re

What is a JULAC Library Card? Undergraduate Degree Students Postgraduate Students Academic, Research & Administrative Staff Contact What is a JULAC Library Card? Eligible PolyU staff and students can apply for a Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee Library Card (JULAC Library Card) to access other UGC-funded libraries. Some UGC-funded libraries implement limited access periods

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Application for a Library Card Please have your photo (JPG or PNG only) ready before application. I want to apply for a card – Please select – JULAC – CUHK Eligible Members only CUHK Alumni Medical Library Card – NTEC PWH Eligible Staff only Spouse of Current CUHK Staff

Borrowing & Return Loan Period, Quota and Fines (For JULAC Borrower’s Cardholders Only) Material Type Loan Period Loan Quota Maximum Renewal* Fines Hold Books 28 days 15 84 days* $2/day 5 (including books and AV items (Remote Store)) AV Items 3

JULAC Library Card – For faculty and postgraduate students, allows you to borrow items from other UGC libraries JULAC Reader Card – For UGC-funded undergraduate students, allows entry to other UGC libraries only We use cookies to help provide and enhance

JULAC Library Card allows card holders to have access to other UGC-funded libraries. For Staff and Postgraduates All faculty, academic equivalent staff, research assistants and postgraduate students are eligible for JULAC cards. The card lets you use the facilities

JULAC Library Card Holders from other UGC libraries may register with their JULAC Library Cards issued by their institutions at the University Library. Due to Campus Access Management Measures, please bring your JULAC card and HKID card for visitor

JULAC Library Card Reader’s Card and Access to the HKBU Library Access to Non-UGC Libraries * Deposit Refund Procedure * Please click here for loan quotas / loan periods * For enquiries, please call 2616-8586 / email: [email protected]

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Expiry JULAC reader cards expire at the end of each academic year (i.e. on 31 July every year). Students continuing their studies may renew their card in the following academic year. Fees A HK$50 processing fee will be charged by every participating library that

This group includes JULAC card holders, individuals with business on campus and individual external users. Borrowing Privileges Loan limits for different formats of materials: 3 for 7-Day Reserve. Total loan limit is 10 items. Hold limit is 5 items. Materials Loan Period

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In consideration of the latest situation with the Novel Coronavirus Infection, the JUPAS Office will be closed from 17 Feb to 22 Feb 2020 (inclusive). All enquiries should be sent by email to the JUPAS Office at [email protected] We apologise for any inconvenience

Book Return Service for JULAC Card Holders Borrowing Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) Inter-campus Delivery JULAC Library Cards Library Notice Library SMS Alert Loan of Notebooks and e-Book Readers Reader Cards to Other Partner Libraries

For Non-CUHK JULAC Library Card Holders Non-CUHK JULAC Library Card holders cannot login to computer terminals at the CUHK Library. Instead, please use the visitors’ PCs inside the CUHK Library if necessary. You may view your own circulation record

Quality Assurance Council releases Audit Report on sub-degree operations of Lingnan University The Quality Assurance Council (QAC) today (November 6) released the Audit Report on the sub-degree Research Grants Council releases report on Phase II Review

3 JULAC cards 4 Library collections 7 Library Notices 1 Library visit 25 LibrarySearch 3 Loan period 2 Lost and found 6 Off-campus access 2 Password 7 Renew 3 Research Support and Library Instruction 1 Retired Members 12 Services & Facilities 3

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JULAC聯校還書服務 持有由香港教育大學圖書館發出之 JULAC 聯校圖書證的讀者可經蒙民偉圖書館 / 將軍澳教學中心學習共享歸還借自其他大學圖書館而尚未逾期之圖書。讀者須於圖書到期日的三個工作天或之前,親自到蒙民偉圖書館 / 將軍澳教學中心學習共享的流通服務台歸還所借圖書 。

1/6/2018 · LU JULAC聯校圖書証 我想問下申請JULAC聯校圖書証 1.有咩資格 2.費用 3.手續 香港討論區 校園生活 嶺南大學 LU JULAC聯校圖書証 註冊 登入

JULAC Library Card分兩種,一種係Borrower’s Card,另一種係Reader’s Card: Borrower’s Card 1.申請資格: academic & administrative equivalent staff member / full-time research assistant / postgraduate degree student 說之以理. 誘之以利. 加之以威. 分區版主 給予多

Disclaimer: The statistical information provided by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on this website is for reference only. The information is provided by UGC-funded institutions. Whilst the UGC endeavours to

4/10/2018 · 开学一个月啦,大家都适应在香港的生活了吗?小编目前最不适应的是看不尽的reading和写不完assignment,真是一周7天都不想写作业啊! BUT! 学费辣么贵,该看的书还是得看的哦!如果参考书被已经被借走了,或者想去别的学校自习,那么这时候就需要一张酷炫的 JULAC卡!

神探蒲松齡劇情 線上看 一代文豪蒲松齡(成龍飾)執陰陽判化身神探,與捕快嚴飛(林柏宏飾)聯手追蹤金華鎮少女失蹤案。蒲松齡帶領“豬獅虎”“屁屁”“忘憂”“千手”等一衆小妖深入案情,在找尋真相的過程中,牽扯出一段曠世奇戀。

The University Portal (myPolyU) is a one-stop gateway for students and staff to access the information and systems that they need for carrying out different activities such as learning & development, teaching & research, academic and administration.

7/4/2008 · 之前係科大畢業, 但想使用教育學院圖書館。聴人講要申請JULAC先可進入教院圖書館 (如非教院學生), 想問點樣申請, 同幾$ 解答 儲存 1 個解答 評分 Robert Lv 7 最佳解答 若果你話你以前係科大畢業,咁即係現在已不是科大生,這樣就比較困難申請了

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Mission Through its collaborative efforts, JULAC creates an environment where scholarly resources are collected, managed and shared through the delivery of innovative services that enhance the academic endeavors of the UGC funded institutions.

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14.02.2020 Facilities of Hong Kong Public Libraries will continue to be temporarily closed until March 2 (Monday) 05.02.2020 Application for Students’ Study Room (SSR) Admission Card (Applicable to the examination season from March to May 2020) to be Extended until Further Notice

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出國報告 類別:座談暨問題研討 2017 香港JULAC聯盟ALMA系統 使用座談暨問題研討 服務機關:國立政治大學圖書館 姓名職稱:黃淑蘭/ 組長 陳靜宜/ 組員 張琇婷/ 行政專員 派赴國家:香港 出國期間: 10610.17.106-10.18. 報告日期: 10611.1.5 1

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Vision JULAC is the premier body for deep collaborations related to scholarly information resourcesand services in Hong Kongacademia. Mission Through its collaborative efforts, JULAC creates an environment where scholarly resources are collected, managed and

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Knowledge Exchange Publications People, patents, grants, 等々 Bibliographic metadata metadata on people, patents, grants, 等々 Owner Database Data HKU Registry Communications Directory Name, email, office, title– ditto Research Output System (ROS)

Author: DT Palmer

New Library System in July 2017 Dragon, the HKUL Catalogue, has retired from service. An enhanced version of [email protected] is now available to search library materials, articles and HKALL (Hong Kong Academic Library Link) on one platform.Your feedback on this new search tool is most welcome.

We contribute to better decision-making in the public sector on key challenges confronting the region, through rigorous interdisciplinary and evidence-based approaches to policy research and education. Mental health is equally important just as our physical fitness.

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