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Overview SCSS or SASS Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a style sheet language initially designed by Hampton Catlin and developed by Natalie Weizenbaum. It’s an advanced way of writing CSS that we use in some themes within Moodle. Browsers

A preset is a scss file designed to be added to the “Boost” theme, or a child of it. It combines the bootstrap 4 SCSS files, with the required moodle SCSS files and adds a layer of customisation on top. Preset files can be uploaded in to the admin settings for the

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Having a look at boost_campus theme, I noticed that they use a particular method to add functionality to the theme, i.e adding scss variables according to theme settings (loaded throug get_pre_scss function) and defining conditional scss rules related to these

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Key differences Bootstrap version differences The biggest difference between themes Bootstrapbase and Boost are the included Bootstrap libraries. Bootstrapbase uses Bootstrap version 2.3.3, Boost uses Bootstrap version 4.0.0 (at the time of writing this document).

scss/pre.scss // Pre SCSS for the theme. scss/post.scss // Post SCSS for the theme. Why do we use pre and post SCSS? SCSS/SASS is a powerful language for creating CSS. It supports variables, functions, loops just like php. For lots of information and an.

10/7/2017 · The following variables in drawer.scss are hard coded and can not be overwritten by presets. Unless there is a reason why those values should not be overwritten, then It would make better sense to be able to change those values in the presets.

5/12/2016 · The idea is to allow not just variables, but raw SCSS to be prefixed. This would allow completely specify an imported bootswatch via these 2 settings (a bootswatch consists of a pre and post chunk of SCSS to be merged with the bootstrap SCSS).

Variables Think of variables as a way to store information that you want to reuse throughout your stylesheet. You can store things like colors, font stacks, or any CSS value you think you’ll want to reuse. Sass uses the $ symbol to make something a variable.Here’s

Hi, as we are working on a own child theme for Boost, we encountered following two problems concerning SCSS variables: 1. admin_setting_configcheckbox with default values are not written to SCSS file If you create a checkbox admin setting with its default values (no =

So because our callback defines variables in the pre SCSS callback – they are available for use anywhere else in our SCSS files. Less is “less good” than SCSS – so it’s variables don’t have this flexibility. For Less and CSS it’s recommended that you would

9/1/2017 · This caused compilation to fail entirely. These kinds of mistake are really easy to make – in this case I just missed the trailing semi-colon. We should attempt to validate the scsspre and scss when saving and warn if it’s invalid. Ideally we should not use it if invalid

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Fordson SCSS Variables These are used in the style presets and you can use them on the Colours Page to further change the look of the site. Some SCSS variables have color choosers but some do not. This is an attempt to list the variables we use in

The Moodle Mobile app version 2.x. Contribute to moodlehq/moodlemobile2 development by creating an account on GitHub. The Moodle Mobile app version 2.x. Contribute to moodlehq/moodlemobile2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

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// Bootstrap overrides // // Copy variables from `_variables.scss` to this file to override default values // without modifying source files. Anywhere after these comments, you can now specify your overrides. Let’s take a real quick look at _variables.scss:

SCSS Variables for Style Adjustments SCSS Variables are used throughout a theme to create consistency and an easy method to change the look of a page very easily. Knowing what variables you can change and where to find them is a valuable skill if you

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Customization of the new Boost theme| Raul G Roig 31. Section 6 – Tutorial > 6.5 – Add style rules 2) In the /scss/post.scss file, add style rules using the attribute selected to restrict the rule application to the current page only. Commit on Github : https 32.

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Installation Via FTP Log into your moodle site via FTP client and go to moodle theme directory located at your-moodle-site/themes/. Unzip the theme file you downloaded from ThemeForest and upload only the extracted theme folder ( that the new

Moodle presets are files containing a list of custom Bootstrap variables and raw SCSS that can be used to customise themes. The Classic theme uses the exact same preset structure as Boost, so preset files can be reused. Background image The theme

I faced this same dilemma in a project recently. One way I found this to be a little less dirty is by giving the variable value after including both my overriding variables and Bootstrap’s variables. @import ‘modules/_overrides.scss’; @import ‘vendor/_bootstrap.scss

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Inheriting from a parent Even if your theme is inheriting from a parent, the SCSS file itself will not inherit from anything, this is something you should do manually. For instance, if you want your SCSS file to include all of the SCSS code provided by theme_boost, usually to change the variables, you need to manually import the file like this:

I’ve just installed the latest version of moodle on my server but I get the moodle site with no styles as if it can’t detect the css sheet. During the installation process was all

I’m experiencing a problem regarding Moodle. I’ve made an install into a Linux server, but CSS and themes are not displaying so i have only plain text. How can this be possible and

Add some style to your Moodle course by learning how to add CSS classes. Learn to use theme presets and raw CSS to add Boostrap callouts to Moodle. The Problem Adding some style to your Moodle courses by using CSS is not as easy as you would think.

Inheriting from a parent Even if your theme is inheriting from a parent, the SCSS file itself will not inherit from anything, this is something you should do manually. For instance, if you want your SCSS file to include all of the SCSS code provided by theme_boost, usually to change the variables, you need to manually import the file like this:

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I am trying something create runtime SCSS editor, Here is what I have done: Source: New feed Source Url. Continue reading

– [Voiceover] Hi there, this is Ray Villalobos, staff author at, and I want to welcome you to Sass Essential Training. In this course, we’re going to explore the Sass language, a programming language that helps you create CSS using features like variables, nesting, loops, and more.

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Boost is an extremely flexible theme that allows direct customisation via uploading a “Preset” file (no plugin installation required). The preset file contains a list of SCSS instructions which is used to generate the new stylesheets for the theme. Preset files can be

– [Instructor] Webpack also provides a loader for scss.This css language extensionthat allows you to write more complex css codeusing variables, mix ins, and nesting.So lets change our style sheetto actually be a style.scss file.So inside of the

Variables in Sass can be seen as simple versions of symbols in Fireworks or Illustrator, or as Smart objects in Photoshop; the most basic way of making a value appear in multiple places while still being able to update it where it was defined.

So, should you go straight to “Waxed”? Maybe not so fast. A reply by Mary Evans suggests more customization options for “Boost” are coming, including improvement for SCSS and LESS recognition, and redefinition on variables on a boost/scss/bootstrapfile.

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– Okay, so now I have a listof all the colors, all named with variables.So it’s time to start using thesein our source sass code.The first thing we want to dois actually import the variablesinto our main styles.scss file.So let’s go into that file.And we

Neben der oben beschriebenen Sass-Syntax (indented syntax) verfügt Sass über die neuere und heute weiter verbreitete SCSS-Syntax (Sassy CSS). Hier sind für die Verschachtelung der Selektoren nicht die Einrückung des Quelltextes ausschlaggebend, sondern

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